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Zyn, Mistress of Shadow and Ice by Sahjin12 Zyn, Mistress of Shadow and Ice by Sahjin12
Request for a Redditor:

Looking for an artist who would so graciously lend me their talent to help illustrate my character Zyn'lo'drakar.

Zyn is a Shadar Kai. Tall elegant creature with an almost unnatural slimness. Her skin is a pale shade of blue, and her right side is mostly covered in scarified tattoos, her face included, her scars are coloured the palest pink and outline her pure black eyes.

And as for her appearance, she is a Wizard, Swordmage Hybrid, and devout follower of Mistress of Death and Winter, the Raven Queen and so should look the part. She is dressed in a black heavy cloth jerkin that is lined with Raven feathers. At her hip is her trusty broadsword, a cold iron menacing looking thing, Instead of ending in a point it has more the appearance of a chisel, a flat broad end sharpened to an edge. She also has her spellbook, containing many of her secrets of both sword and Ice, all her Ice magicks and sword techniques, carefully otted down and revised. In there is also her work on her spell constellations where she derived the mystery of the cold from the secrets of the stars and uses them in battle and survival on the planes of the Shadowfell.
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January 16, 2013
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